Canapes -80p

Canapes can be prepared on many different bases such as blini, oatcakes, bruchetta, pikelets, goat’s cheese shortbread, polenta, toasted bread rounds, etc.

Below is a selection of toppings that are very good on toasted bread rounds:-

Goats Cheese; topped with toasted pine nuts
Sour cream; topped with smoked salmon, avocado and baby capers
Olive paste; topped ricotta cheese, artichoke and rosemary
Plum sauce; topped with Chinese pork, baby corn and shallot
Pesto; topped with zucchini, red peppers and basil
Mascarpone cheese; topped with figs, prosciutto and sage
Mayonnaise; topped with prawns, asparagus tips and dill
Mayonnaise; topped with blue vein cheese and coriander
Horseradish cream; topped with gherkins, beef and red chillies
Roast Beef with Bearnaise


Mushroom Caviar
Crème Fraiche and Salmon Roe
Smoked Chicken and Mustard
Smoked Salmon and Dill
Prawn and Caramelised Onion


Smoked Salmon and Capers
Wild Mushroom and Parsley
Pastrami and Herbs
Pepper Roulade
Cheese and Spinach Roulade
Roasted Vegetables
Quail’s Eggs and Anchovies


Chicken Liver Pate
Duck and Orange Pate
Smoked Salmon and Dill
Roasted Venison
Steak Tartare

For a further selections and dips/dippers, please contact Beeton For Time

cordon bleu canapes